old gift, new gift

i love gift giving and  receiving them, as i am sure most of us do.
sometimes i stitch or make things with no one in particular in mind but i know someday it will find a home. i have many of these stitched or created pieces in my art/craft room. i love looking at them knowing that when i made them i had a great time creating them. it even feels better when i know exactly who that piece needs to go to. i had one of these moments yesterday as i was thinking about one of my sisters (i have 4 sisters) birthday which is coming up. we are 16 months apart and even thou we are extremely different i love every bone in her body and would do anything for her.  i was looking at this piece that i stitched back in 2005 and i know it will look great in her kitchen plus i know she will totally love and understand the saying on it. she has a heart of gold.
i started thinking about how i wanted to present it to her and i think i like the idea of little trinkets and beads hanging from it. plus i think i will hang it either from a dowel or a twig from one of my trees.
the creative process always amazed me it all starts with just a simple idea and a bit of time.

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