necklaces and weather all in a day.

what a crazy day for weather.
rain, wind and hail the size of small jack balls, remember them?
then the sun would come out, then rain and hail again.
getting ready to take a trip to see some of my sisters this coming week.
thinking about what i want to take with me to work on while i am away. i  find that can be more of a process than clothes packing. i always bring a few books just in case i finish it or i get bored with it.
then my stitching projects, what one do i bring or do i bring two or three. then i worry i might get them dirty or misplace a thread or part of the project. so needless to say i am overthinking it all. yet i am excitied and happy to be going away with hubby and very happy to see my 3 sisters. it has been awhile and i do miss them. i also hope to go visit a great friend from Denmark who was like a second mom to me and gave me so much help when i had my daughter over 30 years ago. the time has passed so fast and i think of all the times i could have gone to visit and i made excuses and thought of reasons i couldn't. it is time to remember that the life i have is because of my sisters and my dear friends. so much to be thankful for and i must make time to express what they have given me. this trip will be full of memories i am sure.

i have been working on these necklaces for the past few weeks and i am happy with the progress. it is amazing how much i learn on each small piece.i love the process of stitching the piece and then finding little pieces of paper or small bits of lace to add to the piece.  hope you like them.
 any suggestions would be appreciated.
here's to many more years of friends, sisters and creativity.
stay dry


  1. I love the necklaces - especially the flower one! do you do the soldering around the edges as well? have been wanting to learn how to do that....
    and yes, I agree - one needs to take the time for family and friends - it is too easy to get caught up in the daily grind - have a good trip!

  2. Those necklaces are GORGEOUS, Barbara! Love them! So glad you're getting a holiday and to reconnect with those you love. See you when you return!