projects never end

i have been a bit busy so i haven't blogged in a week or more. life seems to do that to ya.
i have stitched a bit which is always a great way to spend time away from the computer.
i am still working on my knot tree and i love it more and more as you can see i had to add a punch of color. sometimes i have to jump into a color it is like cake for the brain for me. but as i said before the whole process of making colonial knots is such a Zen movement just like cross stitch.

i have also been working on Mary Wigham with the ladies and i have made some progress always wish it was more.
last but of course not least is my Hare Pyns project from Sherri Jones, i have completed all stitching and made the littel notebook which i adore,this picture is the back of the book. the little tiny scissor fob was really a tad bigger but i love minatures. the scissor sheath is almost done just need to clip the felt around. love the colors truly brain cake!
really what has occupied some of my time this past few weeks is two very good friends  have brought beautiful babies into this crazy, sad, lovely world. i am just so pleased that i will have part in their lives. looking forward more than usual to the years ahead. Welcome Ruby and Ottto to the world!

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  1. Barbara, your projects are wonderful. I LOVE the knot tree and can't believe how fast you did up the Hare Pyns pieces. They look great - do bring them to the next gathering - I wanna see with my own eyes!

    You've made great progress on Mary - she looks so elegant in shades of white...My poor Mary languishes in one of several project bags scattered around the house!