time for gardening or stitching

i have a double edge feeling about spring and summer. i love the new colors of greens, the smell of cut grass and all the colors of bulbs opening up. i treasure each moment i get to create in my garden. even pulling weeds  makes a day of work feel so theraputic.
yet there is always the question do i stitch today or garden? i know once i start either one i am off to the races. time slips by and the next thing i realize is the day is done. gardening seems to call me early in the morning, grass to long, weeds to big and maybe a new plant i want to plant. yet i know once i walk out into my garden my nails are filthy and my hands are stained ( i hate gloves) so most likely no stitching this night. if i start my day with linen in hand i will look up 4 or 5 hours later and realize that i have not spent one moment in the garden. so needless to say we all should be so lucky to have such delimas. i have spent the past 2 days in the garden, and it looks incredilbe. the red and yellow tulips are big and rich sitting amongst all the other greenery yet to bloom.
so the stitching has been waiting in my bag and tonight i hope to get a stitch or two on my "lady's chest" project or maybe my silk gauze necklaces for friends, or "The Truth Sampler" and the 2 baby samplers i want to work on.
then i look in the garden and see the surprise of a plant i had forgotten about.
 so this month i will wake up each moring wondering is this a garden day or a stitch day and the other crafts i love will have to wait for that rainy day.

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  1. I love this bleeding hearts plant. the picture is beautiful