It is DONE!!!!!!

i finished my Hare Pyns Needlebook and i love it. i learned allot thru the process as ususal and had so much fun stitching it and finishing it. i always worry about the finishing part but somehow i get it done. i think it is all about that second guessing we do about our skills. "i am no good at that" or "i can't do those kinds of things." Yet i know each time if i just sit down read the directions again and sometimes again i can do it. it is all about just doing it and if i have to take some of the stitching out so be it. who wouldn't love a fancy needlebook with cute Hare's on it. plus don't you love the wooden thread keep and ruler that came with the piece. Thank you again Sherri Jones of Patricks Woods for coming to Seattle and designing such a lovely fun piece.
this is the piece open flat.love the scissor sheath and booklet.

i love the button

the inside and i did a little patchwork on the pocket.
Now what's next?


  1. It looks terrific!!!!!I love the piece, some day maybe I will get to do a class with Sherri too

  2. Wow Barbara you are soooo clever, I love it! Well done.