road trip with hubby

9 days on a road trip with my hubby what a great adventure, family and reconnecting with old friends. i must admit i love car trips even in my little honda insight it is still fun. we took it slow. saw my sister in Portland had dinner. we stopped soon after that for the night like i said we are taking it slow.
next Ashland, Oregon  for lunch. a beautiful town. i can see myself living their, great shops, great community and a unique downtown.  we ate at Gorialla Bites, the best salad,soup and fresh veggie drink, organic my favorite. then back on the road. we arrived at my sisters house in Northern California on the second night and spent the next few days talking. she had a BBQ for us and it rained (must have brought it with us) but still fun with her stepson, wifey to be and his new baby boy and two little girls. James was down on the ground playing with them all and of course they loved every moment of it. they asked later once they were home if James could come over and play. woke up early for our start to Fresno,CA. to see my other sister and her daughter and her baby son Wylie. His Sampler is ready to frame and mail for his first birthday. met up with an old high school friend.and then back on the road homeward bound. we decide to drive thru our old hometown and then on thru the Napa Valley. Beautiful. more rain and then a stop at  a dear friend we haven't seen or heard from in many years. he has a great family and it was great seeing him so happy. the ride home was filled with thoughts of how good is was to see such dear friends and know that life is good for them. it is what you make it and they have made it beautiful!
we stopped at Powell Book store which is a must if you are ever in Portland, Oregon. i found a few books and one i have wanted for awhile. Encyclopedia of Needlework by Th.deDillmont probably 1940 version, love it. plus Traditional Samplers by Regina Forster,The Art of American Embroidery by Peabody Museum and one my sister gave me the new Encyclopedia of Needlwork by DMC and Therese deDillmont.
i did stitch a little on my knot piece but spent the majority of time visiting.
needless to say my mind is spinining with ideas to create for my dear friends and family.
i now see what being productive in your community and living a life full of love and being positive can give you.
remember to enjoy your life and surround yourself with all that is postive.
napa valley,ca.

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  1. Welcome home, B! What a gorgeous picture. So glad you had a good time - sounds like a perfect trip - just enough balance between being busy and relaxing!

    See you Friday - can't wait!