Dutch Beauty and Friendships

the last few days have been wonderful, spent a whole day on Friday with my stitching friends. stitched all afternoon and then had a delicious lunch with 2 birthday cakes, we celebrated Becky and Jan's special day.
 i remember meeting Becky and Julie at a Sampler Guild meeting in Seattle almost 10 years ago. a short time later and Beth moved to the area from Texas. Jan is the so called "new girl" on the team moved here from California a few years ago and she fell into place easily, just like an old friend.
stitching has a way of letting that happen naturally.  i knew instantly i liked them all but who would have guessed it would grow and last this long. we do have a few other woman who when time permits join us and that just adds to our fun.
we are all still working on our "Mary Wigham" samplers and of course many other projects come and go.
we are  planning our next retreat in June, i can hardley wait.  i would travel anywhere with these woman and we are always thinking about our next adventure.
our monthly meetings are filled with our latest creations and of course the newest items we just bought.
i get so inspired by each them. i know if there is a thread i need or a question on a  project they are ready to help but most of all i know they care about me and will be my friends forever.
i am always eager to share what great friends they are and i hope all of you have at least one great friend in your life. take the time to nourish it and to enjoy it. Spring is a great time to remember that it is always about new beginings.

this picture is the reason i joined the Guild and how i meet my stitching friends. Dutch Beauty by Permin started for me as an online challenge in 1999. there were over 100 of us who joined and pledged to stitch this piece together. it was the "first" sampler i stitched and it took me a little over 2 years.
it is stitched over one on 36 count with needlepoint silk.


  1. And I am so glad to be one of those friends ;0
    Thank you!

  2. I know that I do not stitch (well, actually did attempt some in high school but that was a long time ago) but I am in awe of the projects you do and the spirit of your gatherings - maybe some time I could just come and be an observer!

  3. What a wonderful post, Barbara! I remember you stitching Dutch Beauty at a long-past retreat in Issaquah! On to the Red House Retreat Too!


  4. Oh goodness, what a gorgeous sampler! The design is so intricate. I'm sure it would have taken me a decade to stitch something like that. Your crafts are truly beautiful.

    You are absolutely right about friendships. I have met some true-blue, loving friends through art, and we support each other wholeheartedly. Friends are a treasure.

    Thank you so much for visiting me recently. It thrills me when people tell me they love Totoro, because I adore him, too. I don't currently sell any of my work, but I'm hoping to set up an Etsy shop soon. Thank you so much for asking, though. Have a wonderful weekend!