the Zen of White?

i have been busy stitching on many projests as usual. the knot tree is coming along nicely and i have 2 baby samplers to complete. one is almost done and the other is still in design stage. my poor Truth Sampler is still waiting nicely in the bag.
 i started a new project a light cotton coat that has 3 or 4 different patterns/colors in it and i love it. I haven't really sewn any clothes for myself lately so it is a big learning curve. i had to take the sleeves out 3 times yes 3 times. needless to say i wanted to scream but i kept my cool and now it looks good. the big task will be that it is reversiable so i need to put both coats together. please say a kind word to the sewing gods for me this week.

i am animal sitting this week and decided to bring out sweet Mary Wigham again. i do love her but i must admit what is it with White thread? i think they don't like me. they seem to lay different, they have a whole unique way of coverage no matter if its Vicki Clayton, Needlepoint Silk, Glorianna threads.  i do like white and i have always wanted to do a white piece but oh my goodness it is a pain. i can't look at it to close or i see every stitch that lays a little off to the right or to the left. i have tried everything i can possibly think of, the way i cross the stitch, how i travel with the thread. i must admit i have dissected this piece more than anything i have ever stitched. it's best to stand back and just enjoy it.
well enough complaining back to Mary and the "White" meanies, who knows i may learn the true Zen of White Thread. if you have any knowledge let me know. i am eager to learn.

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