online retreat complete

i can't believe i finished two sewing projects this weekend. i had wanted to make james a gift for our 32 anniversary, i usually make something and wanted it a little different from before. so i found this old picture of us when we first met and an old table cloth and created this little wall hanging. i wrote on the background fabric words that remind me of who we are as a couple. i also found some little dried flower buds which i glued on and of course a few buttons.
i finished the outside of a few needlebooks, i love the little flower pieces that were made by James great aunt i have been wanting to use them for ages. she left james quite a few beautiful lace pieces and i look at them often and hope they will speak to me of where they want to relive there next adventure. i would hate to cut them up and then find out they are not happy. i think they are happy in this new life.
Virginia Cole thank you so much for organizing this i didn't know what to expect and came away feeling like i had just been thru a great adventure. hope to participate in another one in the future.
thanks ladies for all the great blogs and keep stitching,

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  1. I love this one of you and James. If I could sew I would be lethal so I shall leave this creativity to you dear sister, you do it so very well.
    Just a thought - Surely if you got married in 1977 it must be your 33rd anniversary in 2010? Same as us?