what do you depend on?

we all depend on something? i depend on my friends for laughter, inspiration and creativity. my mate for love and understanding and my animals for that truly unconditional love.
i depend on the internet for information and connection to others.
i depend on my government for safety and food.
yet i also know that i have to depend on myself for all of the above. i wonder in this terrible tragedy that hit Haiti how prepared i am to depend on me?
we all live in earth quake country or other natural disasters.
do you have enough water/food to last a few weeks?
my plan this weeek is to make sure that i am prepared and that i know if something so horrible happens here i will only have to depend on me for the simple life neccesitties.
what and who do you depend on?
i have the means to make my home prepared for a disaster and then maybe i can  lend a hand to those who may need some help.

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