online retreat why not!

Started as soon as i had my first cup of coffee. had to clean some space on my ironing board and my sewing table that took over an hour. then the fun begins. i have never tried an online retreat i am in the mist of an online project, but this is all new to me.
Virginia Cole of Galloping Pony laid out a list of projects, games,ideas we could do. looks like quite a few signed up and from all over the world. i decided i would start with my room clean up yes that was on  the list and then i moved on to the 9 patch. now lets remember i am a beginner when it comes to quilting or patch work. as you can see from my pictures i am not the straightist seamtress but i did enjoy the process. the only thing i can say about online retreats for me is i tend to not take breaks and at a real retreat you tend to get up and walk around visit, eat etc. i tend always to get lost in my work and then all of a sudden i realize oops lunch time or umm maybe i should visit the restroom. i look forward to see what all these other women have created and i hope everyone joins in the 9patch exchange. thanks Virginia for the idea can't wait for tomorrow.

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  1. great little 9 patch blocks. I haven't even done one yet but maybe tomorrow
    thanks for visiting my blog