another day with the online retreat

well i must admit i got a late start today and i am going to bed late 1am. Not sure i got as much done as i would have wished but since i am new at this quilting thing i feel pretty good. i also worked on another project and finished it, so that makes me happy. it has been great to see all the incredible blogs from all over the world and such talented quilters out there. i do miss my cross stitch and will get back to it as soon as i get these last few blocks done and mailed off. really there are to many creative things to do in one lifetime.
my finished necklaces! pictures not so good!
till tomorrow.


  1. Oh.. these are lovely... :o)
    So much fun to make..

  2. Those are really great - love the "collage" look!

  3. Oops - forgot to leave my name - whenever you see "Becky and Julie" - it's really just Julie - for some strange reason, I put our company blog into my personal account, and now I can't figure out how to handle the name thing, hahahaha