accordians,winter and what are you exploring?

isn't this amazing it is my friends accordian. my husband was teaching her how to play and i couldn't resist taking a picture of it what a beautiful instrument.  i would think anyone would feel special playing it and on the other side it says Artist truly an artist made it. no matter how much one may laugh at accordians they sound incredible and look prety cool too. i just had to share. wouldn't you love to learn to play it.
it has been a warm winter here in the Pacific Northwest and i still have not gone into the garden, i just keep telling  myself that this is the time for sewing. i spent all day making new 1 inch 9patches since my first batch were a bit bigger than they should have been. then i started cleaning out my paper drawers. i must have thousands of sheets of beautiful paper for cards, or crafting. i really didn't throw out much just organized. I found some old id's from when i was in college and some library cards when my son Blake was young he is 27 now. time has truly slipped by, each day reminds me that i need to enjoy the people i love and  the time i have to create. How lucky could one woman be.
even thou i would love a colder winter with some snow i still am enjoying the days spent in my craft room finding another idea in my head to explore.

join me and let me know what you are creating?

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  1. Gosh, Barbara, that is truly beautiful - I had to go look at your Flickr pics to see the others. It reminds me of the Steampunk things we've been talking about.

    Your pics are awesome - really beautiful photography!

    What am I creating? Debt, hahaha. I was telling someone you could find half-dolls on eBay and went to look to be sure that was right. Found an auction with 2 minutes left and got caught up in the frenzy. It's now 3 dolls later and I still have my eye on a few more!