where's my Blogs?

 today when i signed onto my blog to add a new post i found all the blogs i follow are gone? vanished, disappeared and i am not sure why or even how to get them back. needless to say i am not happy. computers are suppose to make life easier at moments like this i beg to differ.

very little cross stitching this past month even thou i do have a class coming up in April with Sherri Jones of Patrick's Woods. a beautiful Sewing Box. i need to get busy...
i have been busy making gifts these past few weeks for two little ones i love who are turning "1" this month.
first was my doll for sweet Ruby. i have just finished a little photo album for her to always remember her 1st Birth Day party. i rarely do scrap booking, yet i tend to collect allot paper and trinkets for it.

as you can see Ruby has a fantastic happy personality and this was when she was shown her birthday cake.

when her own personal cake was given to her she changed her point of view.
 i love the green eggs and ham sayings so i added them to a few of the cake pictures.
She did not like it here or there, she did not want it anywhere, except her hair!
it was fun finding things to incorporate in the book and
to draw a few bugs and birds to add to the finished book.

 i made my first ever fire breathing dragon for Otto's first Birthday.

this dragon has two different sides to him or her, it turned out to be soft.
 hopefully he will be holding it at night and dreaming magical dreams
i am now off to find all the great blogs i love to follow, if you happen to stop by please leave a comment so i can add you to my blog list. i wonder if i pressed the wrong key??
oh well have fun creating

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