A year of first

this has been a year of first. i made my first soft doll, a fire breathing dragon and now my purse.
i have been thinking about making this purse since my niece bought me one similar to it many years ago. i wanted this one to be bigger, it is and i wanted it to have a different look, it does.
it has a wooden bottom i painted red, ( forgot to photo that) and the sides are vinyl and i made it bigger so it can hold my nook or a book.
i love the grey vinyl with the silver studs and black tacks on bottom
but my surprise is
i stitched a red crown to the side.
since my email is queenstitch and i do love the queenstitch i needed a crown to carry around.

i added some beads and a white floss holder to the straps. it has two pockets inside one for cell and one for a pen and candy. i am so happy that it is made and planning my next one, the hardest part was the straps and now that i know how it all is easy. maybe i should make one for each outfit!
Didn't women use to have a bag for each evening dress? i need one for each pair of Levi's.
 time to get back to stitching. Mary Whigham is calling and so many other projects speak to me.
"coming dear"

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  1. Wow - that's amazing - it looks so professional! And I love the crown!