an old project finished and credit where it is due.

i started this a few months ago and finally i am done. i love it.
most of all i love the picture with my mom, my aunt plus a friend of theirs.
not the best picture but you get the idea. a black shadow box, 3 friends, i added my mom's pearls and some old lace with a few old buttons and hat pins. i love the black and white feel and all in all i am proud that it turned out exactly like i dreamed it. don't you love the polka dot skirt and what a great smile!
a little better close up of the friends. my mom is on the left and my aunt ruth in the middle. 
my aunt ruth is one of the reasons for my being creative. she was an incredible seamstress and would occasionally make clothes for my sisters and i. plus she taught me how to use a sewing machine.
 i love her and miss her.
sometimes when you have a chance to look back at your life you realize all the gifts that each individual gave you. i have been lucky, an aunt who was so creative and gave freely, sisters who encouraged that creative spirit in me and friends who enjoy what i create and most of all a husband who always gives encouragement to whatever project i have in mind.
and now on to the next...


  1. Beautiful! I love this use of the pearls especially... And what an amazing picture. It all looks perfect together.


  2. so sweet and lovely - love the different textures- a great way to remember treasured memories
    amy of four corners design