My first handmade Doll

i have been busy making a birthday gift for Ruby who's party is this Saturday, she will be "1" and i have been busy making my first rag type doll for her. i have learned allot as we all do when we start a new project with no pattern and just tons of ideas floating around in our heads.
 i wanted her to be toddler safe so no buttons or anything that would cause harm. all soft and easy to love and hold.
i made her wink and she has red stripped hair that is stitched close to the head with a nice little spit curl.
i gave her a choker necklace,
which i must admit was because when i stitched her pretty little head on it didn't look like i wanted it to.
lesson for next doll.
but i am still happy with her

she also has alphabet undies and i stitched Ruby's name on the dress pocket. the clothes can all be removed and who knows if she really enjoys her i will make more clothes for her.

 i remember when my daughter was young my Aunt Ruth made her an incredible doll which has long pig tails and a dress, underclothes, a coat all removable and made with such craftsmanship.
My Aunt Ruth was an incredible seamstress and i credit all my interest in sewing to her inspiration. she would make clothes for my sisters and i and spend afternoons teaching me how to sew on her Singer machine.
 i miss her and her amazing talent and warm heart.
i hope each of you have someone in your life that has inspired you to create.

she also has high heel boots

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  1. Oh, she is gorgeous, Barbara! I especially love her hair, and that you gave her a spit curl! So cute - of course, you'll have to explain to Ruby one day what a spit curl is, hahahaha.