miniatures and collecting

don't you love miniature things. i can't seem to walk away from them no matter what they are. i love these small but life like veggies. i need to find a perfect tiny basket or bowl for them to sit in. i think they are made of glass they are very light but they do break easy.

and then it gets even smaller, green apples and a small bunch of beets plus the avocado from before. they do look good enough to eat.

 this little tin chest looks like it has traveled all over the world with all the stickers the family as put on it to remind them of the places they have seen.

and last but not least i thought i would throw in a picture of some of my other collections. miniature chairs are another little item i love to find and of course anything to do with sewing. some i have made, some were made by special friends and some bought.
i love working in my sewing/craft room looking at all the incredible gifts that have been made for me, they inspire me to keep creating and to share what i have.
i find that crafters/stitchers have such giving hearts and are always willing to share there knowledge.
enjoy and share your creative gifts.

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