Buttons and Samplers in Connecticut

                                                    back to my great adventure back east.

 We traveled to Waterbury,CT. to see the Mattatuck Museum, i think we are on our third day now.
can you imagine over 10,000 miniature works of art. Buttons! i have never seen so many incredible, lovely little treasures.

so tiny and unique

and who knew they had made so many Jenny Lind buttons.
Do you know who Jenny Lind was?
she was a Swedish Opera singer that PT Barnum brought over to America to sing in the 1850's
she was an incredible woman and worth researching.
she was born in 1820

cameo's too

                                                         and Blue ones too...................................


Mattatuck is an amazing museum. besides the buttons they have  local furniture and a great exhibit of all the things that were made in Waterbury up until the 1960's which is more than you can imagine.
they have online their School Girl Samplers which is worth looking into. just go to mattatuckmuseum.org and go to Collections.

a sampler from Mattatuck love the trees.

Beth and Julie looking at the Stitched Samplers and the incredible Connecticut furniture in
Mattatuck Museum

and then down the street a beautiful church

and the church outside
the best group of friends you could ever want or imagine
after a long day of walking thru Waterbury and the Mattatuck Museum we took a rest in the park.
maybe Becky was thinking of a nap but needless to say we had a great time.
later we went to Thistle Needlework in Glastonbury,CT. i bought  the first 4 of the Berlin Woolwork Sampler and of course some silk thread.
our next stop is New London, CT at the Lyman Allyn Museum
stay tuned or stay blogged.
                     "CONTENTMENT IS THE BEST FORTUNE"   Sarah Coup 1787

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  1. I have never seen so many buttons before let alone never thought that they would be on display in a museum! So cool!