Historical Societies and My Vacation

i was going to start this post over an hour ago and then i realized i couldn't figure out all my pictures. so back to my file and labeling all those pictures. i am still not sure they are labeled right, but i really wanted to post something tonight.
 this adventure started with 3 of my best friends and my husband. It was filled, i mean literally overflowing filled with Museums, Historical Societies, Cities, Small Towns, incredibleTransportation and a little shopping!
Where to begin Oct.26 bright an early on the plane from Seattle,WA. to Hartford,CT. a bit of a delay due to weather in Chicago area but we did get off and landed without mishap. We had a hard time finding a place to eat since it was a bit later than planned but we found a great little pizza joint downtown East Hartford,CT. and the two men who ran it were funny and very gracious. with full tummy's off to bed and on with the show.
we woke early had a fast breakfast downstairs off to find coffee (of course we did we are from Washington state)and then first stop Middletown,CT;  Middlesex County Historical Society. We had made reservations and they pulled some of their stitched pieces just for us.

the historical society is held in General Mansfield house.
 a stitched sleeve and a pin cushion plus the beautiful basket it would set in.
                     a close up of the pin cushion.
and then this beautiful flame stitched seat cushion.
this is one of my favorites stitches i love the simple beauty of this stitch and the colors are magical. i have only tried it once on a needle book by Sherri Jones. I love looking at it as well as doing it. once you start the first row it falls into place after that. give it a try if you never have, it is fun.

and then a long piece of cloth with various stitched flowers and leaves.

 the colors were rich and the stitches were perfect. i wonder who stitched it and why? what was it used for?  the questions are endless and i for one am happy that Middlesex Historical Society has it in their collection. this is a place that is worth seeing the society also has a house filled with period furniture, civil war artifacts. the women who welcomed us in were generous with their knowledge and eager to please.
please check back in a few days i have tons of things to share and would love for all of you to see it.
Prudence Crandall house in Canterbury CT. next  and a few more pieces from the Middlesex Historical Society.
i have so many ideas and i can't wait to start stitching. i love when i come back from a great trip and my mind is full of things i want to make, need to make.
thanks for stopping by.

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