Emma White and Prudence Crandall Samplers

i have so many things i want to share i hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoy sharing them. i decided after the first Historical Society we visited that with all the samplers we would be seeing i would break it down to Motifs.  I knew i would be taking tons of pictures so i thought why not concentrate on the motifs i love, trees, flowers, birds and sheep (this one is for my sister)  and unique stitches i tried to stay true to my focus but i did stray a bit. and of course i do need more experience in photographing indoors and no flash!
this was a great sampler and i love the trees, this was stitched by Emma White born in 1826.

not the best pic but you get the idea of the involved family history she stitched and the size. the flowers were lovely.

 a beautiful vest that we saw at the Middlesex County Historical Society in Middletown, CT. amazing stitches with such rich colors and to think it was worn most likely by a man.
here is a close up view such beautiful little flowers

our next stop was the Prudence Crandall House in Canterbury CT. Prudence opened a school in Canterbury in 1832 for local wealthy families. She was asked by a young black girl Sarah Harris if she could attend the school Prudence said yes and the story begins. The town didn't like this so they withdrew their daughters. Prudence decided to open a school for Young black girls and the state respond by passing the "Black Law" and she was arrested spent a night in jail , had many trials and someone tried to burn down the house. needless to say Prudenc left Canterbruy.
there is a sampler that Prudence had stitched in the house and the house is  filled with period furniture and local history. PBS did a story on Prudence and there is a book out about her if you are interested.
this is her house.

and the beautiful grounds

here is part of her sampler. worked in 1817, very simple and worked with even stitches.

another close up. oh sometimes pictures do not turn out the way you want them to. and no flash always makes it harder.

till next time

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