Lyman Allyn Museum Samplers and more!

another day another adventure
now that i am back home many weeks my vacation tends to get a bit jumbled in my head.
  On October 29th bright and early we drove to Lyman Allyn Museum it's a must see in New London, CT. a beautiful setting and a wonderful sampler and stitched works of art. you just have to ask before you come for someone to bring them out. we had a young girl and a guy who were so accommodating. and so eager to hear what we had to say about the works of art.

the grounds were beautiful up on hill overlooking the town and art all around the museum.
we collected acorns beside this majestic tree and you can see one of my needle felted acorns on a past blog.
now on to samplers and stitched pieces.

i love this lady and a dog

as you can see so many great motifs love the bird.

such a funny bird

 another great lady w/ umbrella

i am sure as you well know that i could go on forever so many stitched pieces and samplers to share.
at some point i must move on. i do love the brilliant colors on this piece. i will share more as time goes on.
i came away each day filled with ideas and inspiration for my next stitched piece.

"Faith, evidence of things not seen"

"May i govern my passions with absolute sway
And grow wiser and better as life wears away."
Caroline Rowland 12 years  1822
enough said.

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