gifts,projects and acorns

just a moment a break in my vacation photos. i know some of you are thinking " great we needed a break"
 any way i have some great friends who make me and buy me incredible gifts and i wanted to share some with you.
my dear friend Beth brought this back from her east coast trip this summer and i love it. she remembered that i had been working on the flame stitch on one of my projects and she found this in an antique shop. it is a stunning piece of work.

here it is open, on the inside is a piece of material for your needles. thanks Beth and i can't wait for our next slumber party!

this was a pin cushion exchange that i participated in this month and Annette from the Nederland stitched it. all i have to do is fill it and it is ready to use. she added some lavender to the white bag. i love the simpler dutch blue flowers.
a great exchange. thank you

here it is finished!

OK now i have a question i am done with this piece or am i?
 i could stitch the background with this bluish white thread or just an off white thread. i wonder,  i have so many projects to do should i spend the time to do this. i would love to hear what you have to say? i love this knotted piece it has been so much fun to work on and i will do another. the dilemma do i stop and frame or keep knotting??
here is a little acorn i made. when i was in CT. we picked up a ton of acorn caps and i added the nut with a little needle felting . such fun.

here is a gift i bought myself while back east. i was in love the first moment i saw it a unique necklace. so simple probably easy to make yet i have never seen one like it. i love that people have such different ideas. Creativity is amazing and it constantly amazes me.

I hope you have time to create.


  1. Oooh - you made your acorn - it looks great! And I so love that knotted piece. You know I wouldn't do the background - would it be knots, too? It's not on a counted fabric, is it, so it must be. Somehow, I feel like it's better without, but of course, what matters is what YOU want. You put a lot of time and skill into that piece, so you should get it just the way you want it!

    Love the pin cushion and the needlebook - very cool! You should show us a picture of you wearing the necklace...


  2. You go girl! The acorn looks terrific. I found the article in Country living mag about making the jewelry out of the found objects. That double acorn would be cool. You cover it with a metallic paint and sealer, add a ring....the photos look really cool in the magazine. SO go and make some of those too, because it will be years before my acorns come out of their bag!!!!