where we stitch!

i have been a very lucky lady i have stitched in many beautiful homes and  gardens. i animal /house sit as a side thing and needless to say i bring my stitching along plus lots of books. i was lucky enough last week to spend many days stitching in this lovely living room. the view was breath taking. trees reaching to the sky and even a bald eagle flew by. when weather permits i sit on the peaceful deck overlooking the incredible gardens and waterfall with fish in the bottom pool.
 how could i complain? what more could i ask for? sweet dog by my side and a sampler project waiting for a new stitch to be put in place. the sky was so blue it almost hurt to look at it. then as soon as i looked away a huge fluffy cloud would roll by. i love the northwest,  weather changes each minute and it never gets to hot for to long. i am a cold climate women, i like a little snow, lots of rain ( i love water) and of course the sun has to be just enough to bring out a smile. i would never do well in the sunny hot states, no air conditioner here.
i think where we stitch makes a difference.
where is your perfect place to stitch? do you have a favorite chair, a quiet room?


  1. oh that space is lovely, perfect for any creating. but I could see myself writing there. lovely.

    thanks for your words of wisdom on the back issue. 2 years pain free is impressive. I will be reading up on yoga for sure.

  2. I go to Whidbey Island each summer with a group of friends to stitch and quilt for a few days. The view is not outstanding but when we are ready for a break, it is a short walk down to the beach and that always revives my spirit.