retreats and trees?

who doesn't love a tree and the more the better.
i love that Bellingham has tons of trees and
all different and of course us humans make
them a bit unique with our clippers.
I think this must be a new way to clip bushes
been seeing this in different neighborhoods.
great for driving by doesn't block traffic view.

this is one of my favorite streets to walk on. this was a few weeks ago when it was beautiful.
another stitch day yesterday with my friends and even with the crazy rain and loads of traffic i had another great stitch/lunch with my  lady friends. Jan and i drove to Redmond and i have never seen such rain and traffic. oh my where do all these people live and where are they going? i do believe we need mass transit in the Seattle area, what is everyone thinking or not?
i'm getting ready for our "Red Barn Retreat" and the NSG retreat in the first weekends of June.
 Red Barn Retreat is first and i have been busy making goodies for my wonderful friends, i will post the goodies after they recieve them don't want to give them any ideas ya know. this is our second year and each time we get together i realize how lucky i am to have a group of friends who love the same things i do and also who believe in the same things i do. i always try to come up with something different and fun to give to them.  i am planning on a craft project of book paper folding i guess thats what you call it. i saw it in magazines and of course all over the craft world and it looks fun and pretty cool. it will be our one thing to try away from stitching. all you need is an old hard cover book and some directions on paper folding and you can create a unique piece of standing art. i will take pics and post.
then it is off to fort worden for the NSG retreat which is also very fun another 3 days of stitching and no cooking or cleaning. i hope to get tons of projects done over the first two weekends in june and have loads to show when i get home.
 i will be thinking of you as i stitch, read and enjoy my friends.
hope you get a chance to do the same.
even a one day retreat is worth the effort.
 all it takes is a friend, cup of coffe or tea, something to munch on and a project. make time to be with your friends life is to short to let another day go by.

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  1. the book folding project you describe sounds very interesting - I'll be curious to see your photos of your project when its completed. I have taught book-binding classes of all kinds so this project seems just up my alley!
    and love the tree photos!