i love little shoes!

how could i resist little shoes and pin cushions too. i took a chance, a picture maybe worth a thousands words but are they true? i must admit i rarely go to ebay but i did last week and found these lovely little shoes! i was of course very happy to open each box and see such perfect little leather shoes. all i need now is a perfect little elf to wear them? who made them? where were they made? who knows? i love them and i guess for now that is all that counts.  i sat them on my little wooden sofa and they seem at home for now.

this really looks like a true moccasion. wooden hell, shoe string and leather upper.
i love when simple things make me happy and i must admit these shoes do.

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  1. Oh, I love them! I have one in my collection that looks like it belongs! I'll bring it next week to see how closely it "matches".