sharing the old.

i decided to share some of my older creations with you since i have not stitched much this week. this is something i charted and stitched. it belongs to a good friend it has been in her family since stitched in 1811 by Eliza Perkins. i had walked by this sampler and looked at it for many years and one day i just asked her if i could chart it. she was happy and we stitched it together. the colors are the faded ones on the originial,a little hard to see not the best photo.there are two vases of flowers on each side of the piece, a religious verse and two rows of alphabets, plus a few birds,trees and a simpler border. all done in cross stitch. it was so much fun to chart and figure out all the goodies on it. plus we were able to go back in her family tree and find a few things out about Eliza.

here is another project i saw in a magazine and decided i had to create something like it. i love that it has all our families homes we have lived in since we became a family. i painted our house and then put pictures of each of us in the windows then drew each of us below that. plus the tree has stamps on it from the countries we have visited together.  i also added some video tape to the edges since my hubby use to make video movies. it was a fun project. canvas, paint, photos and ideas!

this next photo is one my mother in law had hanging in her house for many years they were given to me when she died.they are done on silk gauze.  a woman from Saskatoon, Canada stitched them back in the 60's. i love them and have them hanging in my bedroom.such sweet looking kids.

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