colonial knots or french knots?

i bought this pattern by Teresa Layman at Attic Needlework last year. as soon as i saw some of her finished designs in this technique i knew i had try it.
i have been working on it for a day and oh my gosh the texture is incredible. i love the tree. i love cross stitching trees and i pretty much knew it would be a great piece. it is amazing that a simple french or colonial knot can bring so much to a piece of cloth.  i love the simple pattern, the bird, the flowers all connecting back to the tree.

i do love cross stitching and i can't imagine anything taking it's place but i can never turn down a new idea or a unique piece. i think i will always go from stitching to fimo to drawing to fabric. i am happy i can and that i don't have to wait for any recognition to continue or even to wait to finish my day job.
i love art, you don't have to please anyone but yourself!
  just enjoy the process and enjoy the journey as you travel it.

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  1. Ooh - that is wonderful, Barbara! I've always loved French knots and the pictures you can paint with them. I have a book somewhere on this subject - will see if I can hunt it out for the next time I see you.