starting and finishing

i treasure the moment i start each new project. finding the materials you think you will need, the shopping for them online or in your favorite store, the gathering of information from the designer or the fun of creating your own design. i must admit like most of us i have a few projects in this state, waiting for that first stitch or the first time i lay it all out and give it my full attention.
i also treasure the ending of a project the anticipation of how i will frame it, or what the final outcome may be for each particular piece. yet it is never easy to finish a project, i sometimes want a project i really love to continue like a good book and  i also want it finish in a unique way not a typical framed piece. Yet no matter how i finish i always have a great feeling of accomplishment and eagerness to start the next adventure.

The Hare Pyns Needlebook has been a great project, the colors call you to attention the first time you see it and then of course the unique design of Sherri Jones of Patrick's Woods Desgin. i love that it had a stitches that i haven't done on a piece before, the Florentine, amazing flow this stitch has, the Encroaching Goblin, the texture it gives and it looks amazing. You can see by the picture i am almost ready to start the final finishing stitches. so of course my mind starts to wonder what will be next?
i must always remind myself to stop and appreciate all that has gone into a project and the time i spent making it happen and the incredible people i meet along the way. This needlebook will hold a special place in my memory bank, meeting and spending a full weekend with Sherri Jones and Beth my dear friend. the fun of just hanging out, the laughter, the stories each of us shared about creating. this is one that will hold many memories and one that i will keep for myself.
till the next projects enjoy the one you are creating now.

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