February ends

What a great weekend. started with my regular monthly stitch date with my four best women friends. this month we were celebrating Beth's birthday, stitching, great food,tea and then we get to give Beth her gifts. it is always fun to make something or buy that one thing that speaks directly to the person you intend it for. 
i was lucky that i got to stay on for the whole weekend at Beth's house. Our guild was having it's annual tea and a few women from Canada came down to attend so it was a girls weekend at Beth's. lots of talking, some wine and the occassional stitch or two, plus the Olympics.
i had such fun playing lego rock star game with Beth's little girl and realized playing drums and singing a Jimi Hendrix's song is very hard yet extrememly funny.
woke up on sunday and off to the tea, a great program on Scottish samplers, and of course now i need to design my own, the houses, the lawns, and the animals are wonderful.
the picture you see is the exchange we had in the guild this year. stitch a needlebook of any size with any motif you like and then we exchanged them.  i recieved Shirley's beautiful black work needlebook that opens into what you see. so beautiful. i love stitch surprises. the one i made has the alphabet,crown on it and i used an old cloth napkin i have had for the inside. there were so many incredible unique designs i wish i could post them all.
now it i am off to get a bit of stitching or back to my necklaces.
march is here!

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  1. What a lucky girl, it's a beauty that you won in the exchange!