pillow and creating time

i have been thinking alot lately about why i create and the time i spend doing it. i always wish i was a little more organized and spent more constructive hours producing what i love. i have to remember we are our own harsh critic and i must give myself the time and the positive push to keep doing what i do. one thing i will do this year is keep a notebook with the projects i want to do and those i want to finish. who knows maybe this will give me a little more focus. i know allot of what i do can not be done in a day and not even a week so i need to step back and let the process happen.
learning this blog stuff also takes time and i love how some of you have decorated your blogs. i have yet to figure out how to do that. time more time.
i have so many friends that have given birth recently or are about to. so needless to say i am thinking allot about babies and what i can make for them. there is nothing more pleasing than to create a unique doll, piece of clothing or blanket for a little one.
so now i am back to time.
the necklaces i have been working on are coming along great i have some new ideas and will try to post soon. i even had people come up to me wanting to know where i bought them! boy is that an ego boost. i am so excitied to share, but must work out some of the ideas first. i love the computor but it does take up time and looking at all of your great blogs is so inspiring.
the pillow is just a fast project i did yesterday, was tired of the fabric on the old one so had to change it up a bit. love the alphabet and of course red felt.

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  1. yes, finding the time to create - always the most difficult part!