anniversary and time

i always wonder where does time go. i know sometimes it is me just wondering thru my day not sure of what i got done. yet i do have days where i work on a project and still feel where did the day go? i am lucky that my hubby doesn't need my constant attention. he entertains himself  like i do. maybe that is why after 33 years we are still going strong. i know that if i need his opinion he will be there and be truthful. i do trust his judgement and i love that he has always encourged me to create. i can remember when we first met i said i would love to play the guitar and he went and bought me one!  i love that he supports me in what i do and what i dream. 33 years of growing together and apart and encouraging both. marriage has been great and who would have thought i would have ended up here. how lucky i am.


  1. I love that picture of you and James - so cool! Happy Anniversary - 33 years - that's wonderful!


  2. thank you, as i uploaded it i realized i had already uploaded another version of it. memory oh memory where are you?

  3. What a sweet post!!!You and I both and I'm sure many other artists too,seem to lose time when we create!!!! Trouble is sometimes I just lose time....?lol!!!
    Conratulatiosn on your 33 yrs of togetherness!!!