scissors scissors everywhere and why can't i find a pair?

i can remember all the times i would look for scissors when my kids were little. all i wanted was a pair of scissor that could cut a piece of fabric. i usually found them on my hubby's desk or somewhere i never expected to find them. usually i find them so dull i wish i hadn't found them. yet now i look at my collection and each one has a story. some were given to me by friends for a special day or were found in a great antique store i happen to wonder into, one pair is from my friends mother's sewing box. the scissor fobs are another story. the creativity of friends always astounds me.
all have special meanings and really it doesn't matter that they may not be as sharp as they should be i just love looking at them and knowing that they have all come from special places. i think that is what collecting is all about. the memories that come along with each object.

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