just a short note and a great giveaway at another site

no pictures this week i am out and about with my son enjoying Seattle.
woke up to a semi sunny warm day and off we go to enjoy city parks and the spring, plus take a few pictures. My son is becoming quite a photographer and soon to be in school for even more ideas to help his new budding career.
life is full of changes and i have had so many great ones lately. My kids are now full fledge adults and loving where they are in life and that brings a great smile to my heart. i do remember all the struggles but they seem to make this moment that much sweeter. so all of you going thru your own struggles hang on change is around the corner make sure you remember how you got to where you are and why when you step thru the other side. i have only good thoughts going your way.
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see you next time with some pictures!

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