one bird and a long night.

 i am sure many of you have nights like this where you start a project and you just can't stop.
i have been working on Mary Wigham for over a year now and i really want her finished.
 i have decided that instead of her name and all the initials on the piece i will add my own family initials or maybe even a verse or two of a poem. something that will remind me of how this piece started with my great stitching friends on Guemes Island,WA., our first retreat in the big red barn, a place that no longer is available for us to rent.

this is Mary as of 12:30pm tonight

i stitched the bird motif while watching or listening to mindless TV you know the kind, reality shows, Glee Project, HGTV and a BBC show on travelers (Gypsy) weddings.

i like all the bird motifs but i did change this one a bit. sometimes i change patterns because i find that when i am stitching along at a quick pace i forget to look back at the pattern and you know the rest, who likes to pull stitches out. other times i change it because i want it to have more of me in the piece or maybe part of the pattern doesn't agree with what i want it to be.
i have learn allot stitching with white and off white silk thread. it is interesting how white lays so differently on the linen than a colored silk does. i find i have to step back to appreciate it.
each piece i stitch teaches me a little something different.
 i do love the look of the white on the dark brown linen.
enough for tonight i think i hear my pillow calling me.
sweet dreams stitching blog friends

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