flowers and snow

what a week we went from flowers blooming
 i love this bulb i planted them a few years ago
and they have come up ever since. i think they are called Frittalaria, (might be misspelled)
they are so unique i love the texture of the pattern and the color.

and then inside this incredible flower.

and this bloomed so full this year and in the past has always
been a little sad.
wonder what it could be maybe the rain oh yes the tons of rain or could it be the

                                                       The snow i woke up to this morning around 7am i rarely wake up that early but once i looked outside i knew why. it was pouring snow big huge flakes, so pretty. i have never been so happy to see 7am.
a group of tulips waiting to bloom even with the snow.
this has been a crazy year for weather.

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