hand stitching in blue

i have till the last weekend in April to get this project done and as you can see i have a little ways to go.  I love that it is a finishing class and i don't have to have it all done but would love to.
Sherri Jones is the teacher and designer she is coming to Northwest Sampler Guild in Seattle,WA. to teach a  class called "A Blue Ribbon Sewing Box" it is a simple wooden "A" frame sewing box made for Sherri and this class.
 it is a simple stitched design thank goodness.
sweet little blue basket weave flowers, pink flowers and green leaves. there is a blue bird and  my initials. the sewing box's holds scissors, needles, a small tape measure and any other small items you wish. you can buy the scrimshaw pieces that she has for the piece, which are a small ruler and a front piece with flowers and one with your initial. i will post a picture when i am done.
i do love the basket weave flowers.
i have taken a class by Sherri before, she designed the Hare Pyns sewing book. i posted it on my blog back in April of 2010. i just love how it turned out and i love how unique her designs are. If you ever have a chance to take a class form her be sure and take it you will not be disappointed.
Her business is called Patrick's Woods.
there is also a great sewing pillow in the kit and it is so beautiful can't wait till i can share it with all of you.
the sun did come out today and hopefully it will stay around i would love to plant some flowers of my own.


  1. That is a beautiful piece! I love the simple X in stitching but sometimes it's fun to branch out and do other fun stitches. The flowers are so pretty!

  2. thank you Siobhan for the comment. it is nice to see such simple X's make such beautiful pieces. i am not quite sure why this piece has given me such a headache but it seems i have ripped out more than i left in. such simple counting and i get messed up. maybe its the weather? if only. till next time.