Sampler Motifs and Native American Baskets

while i was in Anchorage i went to their beautiful new museum and it is fantastic.
besides the strange show of Andy Warhol,  i am not so sure i really appreciate his Art, there is always an incredible Native exhibit and interactive with great computers to read up and see the displays close up. i wish i had more time i could have stayed all day.
but needless to say i found this incredible basket made by one of the native tribes there.

doesn't it remind you of some motifs off early samplers? so many question, has anyone even looked at motifs on native baskets or blankets?

this is the lid of the below basket
i was amazed when i saw it. still so vibrate and unique truly a gifted woman who made this in the 1800's.
i had taken some notes but needless to say where are they? umm i also lost my Passport. not fun.
yet i had a great time and nothing will take that away.
i just wish my poor left hand would feel better so i could stitch. i have not stitched for almost 2 1/2 weeks.
hopefully Monday i can pick up a needle again. i will even if it hurts.
i have so many projects i want to get done this year
Mary Wigham
Toy Chest
Lady's chest
The Truth Sampler
oh yea and two yes i said 2 birth samplers i want this done by there 1st birthday oh my maybe their 2nd??
enjoy your winter and remember to create something that makes you smile.


  1. I would never of pegged that as being native!!!

    Hope your hand is much better!