Ms. Mary Wigham and a Birth Day surprise!

i am still working on sweet Mary. she is looking good and i am about half way thru, i think.
take a look and tell me what you think?

of course the background linen color looks a bit off.

and now this one has a different background color. i think this one is closer to the real color. it has been a fun piece to stitch. i have always wanted to do an all white piece and this is pretty close to it. i am using Glorianna Silks, Needlepoint silks, Hand Dyed Fiber and some other misc. silks i have. from white white to beige. i plan on adding my family initials through out the piece instead of her letters.

isn't this lovely! a birthday gift from my special friend Beth Hoffmann. she is an incredible stitcher and has done some amazing pieces.

as you can see it is a needle holder.

all my favorite colors! i am always in awe of Beth's skills and if i ever have a problem with stitching i know she will find the answer for me. 
 i have found some incredible friends thru stitching and Beth is diffently one of them.
 till next time keep stitching you never know what you may find.

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