Back to Connecticut

the holidays got me a little distracted but i still want to share my adventures of October 2010.
We visited the Florence Griswold Museum in Olde Lyme, CT., beautiful trees, plants and a beautiful river flowing behind the museum.

 Little did we know that there would be an incredible exhibit of scare crows placed throughout the wonderful grounds. each one with a theme of a well known artist

Norman Rockwell theme along river bed.
and Salvador Dali.

of course we all know this woman.

this exhibit really made me think about what i will do next year with a scare crow. of course there are no limits but i think this really went outside the box.

then i saw this... an incredible maze of branches,twigs and children running an laughing inside.

and then this. right next to the museum was a house and this was in there yard! huge incredible shells

and this huge clams hanging in the trees!
i spent more time outside in awe than i almost did inside with the samplers.
art is all around us and i love that people place it in their yards and share it with us.
what do you have in your yard?
i know mine does not compare with this but i like to think that my yard would make someone stop and look. who knows even smile as i did that day.

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