i love Birthdays and Gifts

i love birthdays.
 yours, mine any ones.
i love to celebrate the day my special friends, loved ones were put on this planet.
i love making a special gifts.
i try to plan months in advance.give myself time to think about what that person would like.
 colors, styles, motifs
if i have enough time i can stitch it, my favorite thing to do
but if time slips by then i get out my sewing machine and create something with it.
sometimes i even use glue and paper.
there is always more ideas than time.
i enjoy receiving re gifted items. maybe something from long ago found in a shop that someone else made or used. maybe something a friend had and decided they thought i would love it more. used or new, made or bought it all represents something special to me.

this little red needle case was given to me by a special friend. i love that she gave me something that belonged to her family. the little silk gauze bird pin i made, who knows someday it may find a different home.

 the little silk shoe was brought back from China by a dear friend. the pin cushion behind it was made by a friend. one of the needle rolls was made by someone i barely knew. i treasure them all, the memories are strong.
and then something i stitched many years ago and found the right person to give it to, my sister Bobbie. i added some special things at the bottom that reminded me of her.
i knew it would find a special home and now it hangs in my sisters house.
gifts are fun to receive and i find even more fun to make.

and if time has slipped by  flowers from your garden are always a great way to say i love you and i treasure our friendship.
gifts, make them or you can grow them
birthdays the time to show someone that you treasure that they are hear on earth and most of all in your life.

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  1. I'm gobsmacked by your Shep Bush needlerolls + the other photos.

    The small cushion marked '2005' looks so familiar. I might even have that pattern in my stash.

    thx for sharing.