taking the time

well the last retreat of the summer for me has come and gone. i had such fun and worked on my lady's chest and have only a month left to complete and start the finishing online. i saw some old stitching friends and met a few new ones. i love Fort Worden, Washington and it didn't disappoint me this year. the weather was sunny and cool just like i like it.

Beth and i spent time walking along the beach and of course spent many hours talking and laughing. you wonder how we could still have anything to talk about since we just spent 4 days together a few days ago. yet we always do and that is what makes her so special. she shares and loves to laugh. i must admit i miss her already.

 while we are at Fort Worden we always stitch in the same building and this year i looked a little closer at my surroundings. i always think about the history of this fort and all those who walked the halls and the grounds before me. yet i really haven't looked close at the buildings and this year i happen to look at the radiator? not sure why except they do remind me of older times and this one was incredible, the graphics on them were amazing. angels, dolphin type creatures, swirls  and such.  i also love the pictures they have hanging in the halls of the fort. some are pictures of the fort being built and  the original architecture drawings also hang on the walls. i think each of these would contribute to an incredible stitched piece. i haven't yet decide when i will put this together but the ideas are endless.

i love the stairs in this building that i climbed every day. the wood is golden and smooth to touch.
most things in life deserve a closer look. take the time.

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