how to save your wrist from sewing pains.

i hate it that i can't  stitch at all these next few weeks. my wrist have once again acted up so i am following my acupuncturist orders, no gardening either, i guess you could say anything that i do with my wrist that i get a little compulsive about.
i have learned allot the past year with my wrist.
first- keep your activities that involve your wrist down to a half hour then take a break
second - do the finger exercise which helps the wrist, you know the one where you touch your thumb to the tips of all finger tips and then touch your thumb to the second knuckle of all your fingers.
plus make a fist, relax, stretch out all fingers, relax do this at least a handful of times.
it does help and gives the muscles a little break from the tight grip we tend to do when we stitch in hand/
third - don't stitch in hand,  i have changed to a lap frame and it has helped too.
fourth - wear a wrist guard at night i don't know about you but i tuck my wrist up by my face or body and that makes them hurt at night the wrist guard stops me from doing this and it helps.
i love acupuncture and it has helped more than the physical therapy i went thru for over a month 3 times a week. only 3 acupuncture  sessions so far and i feel the results already.
 here is a little present i made for a great stitching friend Julie's Birthday last month. i had stitched this little motif many moons ago and i loved it but wasn't sure what to do with it. found the hand charm and knew they looked good together and also knew my stitching friend would love it too. i added ribbon around it and used felt to make the book. i love when little projects come together so nicely and it is also a plus to know that when you give it away someone else will love it as much as you do.
A Needle Book
then it opens for the needles
and a little pocket in the back
i hope to be back at stitching in a week or so but until then i have been reading and getting ready for my trip to Winterthur Needlework conference in Delaware this October. Hope to see some of you there???

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