A prize for a saying

i have started to stitch again the past few days and if your can't tell I am "VERY HAPPY."
it makes me feel whole again..
it's not much and i chose to do a small word sampler for a sweet couple i know.
they had asked me this spring if i would stitch for them a saying they love and that brings great memories to them.

any ideas?

not your typical saying by any means and most of us would have never ever stitched it. i could wager that 99.9 percent of us would never stitch it, but for a dear couple whom i love and enjoy 
 i couldn't wait to create this saying into a sampler .

i know you its not your so called normal saying but give it a try .
the letter or letters in front of  "REAK" is missing.
whoever guesses it first i will find a nice little prize to send your way.
 something you might love to stitch with..
go ahead give it a try open you mind and let it flow...
 my hubby says its to easy can you prove him right.

1 comment:

  1. So if it's just letters BEFORE "reak", I'm guessing it's not "Let Your Freak Flag Fly"? haha

    I love the letters and the color!