Stitched Bird House

today as i was working or creating in my craft room. i looked up and saw my beautiful bird house. i have great memories of that weekend class  with CA Wells. we spent the weekend at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA. in 2003 ( Fort Worden is a must see) the stitch group stayed in the beautiful officer homes. we had a great time with CA and her sister.

i did change the design as always. i added different types of birds on each side of the house,plus a few other designs thruout. you can slide the top off and it is lined with blue silk inside.

this is the smaller one, great for a thimble.

this is the bottom and as you can see the one on the right has a hole in it. a friends dog grabbed it one day as i walked out of the room. needless to say i screamed and cried but really how can you hate a dog.
now it has become part of the piece and the story.

i also added different types of alphabets to my birdhouse.
i love it and whenever i look at it i have tons of great memories to go along with the stitching.

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  1. Just discovered this CA Wells project!!! I had not seen it before and I just love it!!! I love birdhouses very much and this CA's design is really gorgeous as is your own interpretation ;-)