Happy 2013

i am in awe of people that can blog daily, weekly. How do you do it?
i feel bad that i haven't been attending to my blog lately. hopefully i can be a better blogger in the new year.
i have tons of projects that i want to get finished this year, ( as always) but at least i feel healthy and ready to get started. i am  excited to be going to Attic Needlework in Mesa, Arizona January 17-21 to attend some great classes. i love Attic Needlework, one of the best places to shop and learn.
i designed and made this for my daughter and her new husband for their first Christmas in their new house. the picture isn't that good but ya get the idea.
i used ribbon to make bushes out front and i strung beads to make a wreath on the door and  beads to look like lights looped up by the roof. i was happy to get it done in less than a week.
always a last minute girl i guess.
my good friend Becky of "In the Company of Friends" made this cute stocking ornament. so beautiful and so delicate i love it. thanks again dear friend.

just a start of a new project
i love when you start a project and the first few stitches seem so precise and perfect. now i have to decide what to add to this initial and how i will finish it stay tune...


  1. Love your the house you stitched for your daughter. The way you used the ribbon & beads is gorgeous. Beautiful design. Lovely gift from Becky. You get to go to The Attic? WOW!!! Have a great time and please take photos:)
    love Annette

  2. The gift you stitched for your daughter is lovely. I love those sweet stockings... such a nice gift from Becky. I'm looking forward to seeing where you are going with the new project.