birth day post

I love Birth Days I woke up to this box all wrapped up from my hubby.... umm what is in it?

 all kinds of goodies and what a great sewing box
a little pin keep

and he also found some cute little kitty buttons

plus a beautiful silver teeny tiny chair to add to my chair collection

a great day
off to Attic Needlework in Mesa, Arizona for classes all weekend
i will take lots of pictures and share when i return
hopefully i will be able to stitch once i get my bandages off my hand tomorrow! wish me luck.


  1. Happy Birthday Barbara!!! Hope you have a lovely day. Very thoughtful gift from your DH.
    Sweet sewing box & darling silver chair for your collection. Good Luck with getting your bandages removed. love Annette

  2. Hello

    Just found you.
    Happy birthday and what a fab present from your husband.
    Your stitching is beautiful.