stitched pieces from years ago

now that fall and winter are here i am excited and ready to start up some new projects and hopefully finish some almost finished ones. We all know how many projects "in waiting" we have.
the weather here has turned to rain after many months of dryness and i love it. I know there are many of you who are not as fortunate with mother nature this time of year and my heart goes out to you. I have many friends who also are struggling with terrible "SANDY" and please now I am sending positive thoughts your way. Be Strong.

i want to share some pieces that i have stitched in the past years i hope you enjoy..

this was one of my first sampler piece reminds me all over again of why i fell in love with
School Girl Samplers

this is part of a sampler that i stitched in 1999.  my first try at needle wrapping, queen stitch and many others. i struggled but i love looking at it and know that i have come a long way.

                      i stitched this in 2002 just for fun and i love it who doesn't like a heart in hand.

here is a little red house that i stitched in 2002. it is stitched over one on silk  probably 40 count. One of my first over one on silk and i was hooked from the first stitch. i love the instant gratification. i find that i can create my own designs now and stitching on 40 count or more makes mistakes or poor planning show instantly. yes it is harder to take out those mistakes. i used cotton thread on this and now mostly stitch with silk and i love Vicki Clayton's silk threads.

                          i stitched this in 2004, charms are always a fun thing to add to any piece.
                                                                                                       Stay Warm

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