2 days left for give away

OK last chance to enter
leave a comment, join the blog and your name is entered in the drawing!
see all the goodies you can win below

two beautiful thread keeps, some antique buttons, 2 wooden spools of thread, In the Company of Friends book marker, a Perpetually Engaging Calendar from the collection of Micheal & Elizabeth Feller, A booklet from the Middle Tennessee Sampler Exhibit of 2011 at the James Polk Ancestral Home, and a beautiful white thread keep from Kelmscott Design.
now who wouldn't want to own all of this......
drawing will be on October 5th and winner announced on October 6th   tadaaaaaaaaaaaa


  1. I would love to be included in you giveaway. I have joined your blog now although always follow you on google reader

  2. I would so love to be included too! What a great giveaway. I just found your blog and am reading away. pj in iowa

  3. Enter me, enter me!!! Thanks for stopping by to say hi...I'm glad you liked my secrets that aren't so secret anymore!!