long ago she won the contest

September 2011 i had a contest and only one person entered, well i only had 35 or so followers. the best part is she got the answer right!! i feel terrible it has taken me this long to finally make her something but i knew she would understand since she is one of my favorite stitching friends in the world. 
Patience Julie i hope my gift has arrived and you are enjoying it. i am sorry it took so long, but you know i never forget.

i made this cute little strawberry pin cushion, we have a great little local fabric store here in town and every month they come up with a unique pin cushion and this was one of them.
fun to make and i added the scissors and a buck charm ( not pictured)
 how am i going to send this?

i found an old  wooden box and i used ink to stain the box and then painted some designs with a felt tip pin

this is the top of the box i found some fabric and decoupaged it on top of the box..

i added a little flower and vine on one side.

and i also added some doodles on the back.
i had such fun creating this and i hope my dear friend Julie loves it.


  1. Well, she DOES love it! I couldn't believe it when I found a package in the mail from you, Barbara! The strawberry is wonderful, and the hand-painted box! Oh my! The toile scissors and buck fob are just so perfect for me - thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!


  2. What a beautiful gift and keepsake. The box is precious with your art drawings added. Congrats to Julie:)

  3. Hello

    Just became a follower.

    I love the gift you made for your friend and the box is just gorgeous!

    I love those scissors!